Experimental short film 2018 by Julian Olariu

SYNOPSIS : "Above the angel" or the chronicle of a communist afternoon, is the evocation of a family’s life, the father’s trip to Paris in the 1970s, his missed appointments with his daughter, his past, the flashes of Romania in the 67’s in full totalitarian delirium, the story of his son and his wife, his broken dreams. The search for a few rays of black light, in a universe shared between war, suicide and the present that he will not see.
GENRE : dramatic
THEM : temporal journey
TECHNICAL DIRECTOR : Etienne Andreau http://www.etienne-andreau.com/
ORIGINAL MUSIC : Etienne Andreau

New York Independent Film Festival,New York,US                             2019   AWARD for the  BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM
Five Continents International Film Festival,Venezuela                        2019
This film is just a teaser. If you want to see a complet version, please contact us .
Above the angel, received the award of best art experimental film at New York City Independent Film Festival 5-12 may 2019  
Movie lenght : 6'26
Format : 1,78
Sound : Stereo
Audio : English
Subtitles : English, French​​​​​​​
DCP copy