Experimental short film 2018 - 2019 by Julian Olariu

He left. Everyone said he disapperead. His room, his belongings, his documents, everything remained as if he would come back. 
A few days later, I felt he was still there but no one could see him.
I saw him several times : in India in 1937, in Bucharest in 1979, in a garden in Paris in 2010, on a bridge in Nashville in 2016, and for the last time, in the subway in New York in 2017.
I don't know if he recognized me but I'm sure he KNOWS.
GENRE : dramatic
THEM : Cosmic
TECHNICAL DIRECTOR : Etienne Andreau http://www.etienne-andreau.com/
ORIGINAL MUSIC : Etienne Andreau 

Cannes Short Film Festival,Nice ,France                                            2018
On Art Poland, Mocak Museum, Cracovie,  Poland                             2018
Logcinema Art Films,Pomona,California,US                                        2018
Intendence Film Festival, Denver,Colorado,US                                    2018
Falcon International Film Festival London,UK                                      2019
The Psyhedelic and Transpersonal Film Festival,New York US           2018
Vegas Movie Awards,US

This film is just a teaser . If you want to see a complet version, please contact us .

Movie lenght : 6'
Format : 1,78
Sound : Stereo
Audio : English
Subtitles : English, French
N°Visa : 150. 791
DCP copy